As a self-employed individual one of the most important things in running a business is to make sure that your accounts and finances are in order.

Most self-employed people worldwide use the services of a professional bookkeeper or accountant.

Unfortunately we have found that the services can be quite expensive- therefore, Noble Manhattan has gone out of its way to source very reasonably priced and very professional bookkeeper and accountancy services for all entrepreneurs worldwide.

We have negotiated with professional bookkeepers and accountants so that you can access their services

for as little as £7.50 per hour or the equivalent in your local currency.

Here below is an overview of the services available


  • Professionals to do your book keeping: It’s not just the software knowledge, but also the knowledge of an expert accountant that you get with us.
  • Paper free book keeping: Do away with a desk full of papers. Just take pictures of your docs from your mobile phone and email us!
  • End to End Financial Analysis and Seamless reporting to maximize output and minimize cost.
  • High data security: We understand and appreciate your need for high standards of data security.
  • Control over your financials: Get regular statements and reports to analyze your business. Quicker Review, Complete control.



Bookkeeping involves the process of recording, analysing and interpreting the financial transactions of a business or individual. Bookkeeping produces financial records that give business accurate information about its financial activities. These records are critical to the future success and growth of any business. Not only are these records necessary for the business, they are also required by law.

Softwares we use: Quickbooks (desktop as well as online version), MS Excel

Our Services include:

  1. Setting up accounting systems and software properly
  2. Book keeping (entering transactions)
  3. General Ledger and journals entries
  4. Account Receivables & Accounts Payables Reconciliation
  5. Monthly Reconciliation of Credit Card Accounts and bank Accounts
  6. Vat ledgers
  7. Perform checks and end of year processes
  8. Preparation of final accounts and various reports for analytical purposes
  9. Provide general business administrative support


Every business needs to analyze its actual financials, and compare them with estimates and targets, to get a better understanding of the right and wrong moves undertaken. We help you do that with our experts helping you out in the fields of:

  • ANALYSIS – understanding the story behind the numbers and using it to make business decisions
  • STRATEGY – using the insight from analysis to help formulate business strategy to create wealth and shareholder value.
  • RISK – applying analytical skills to look at end-to-end business processes to identify and manage risk.
  • PLANNING – using accounting techniques to plan and budget.
  • COMMUNICATION – knowing what information management needs and explaining the numbers to non-financial managers.

Examples of Tools used:

  1. Ratio analysis
  2. Cash flow statement analysis
  3. Du Pont analysis
  4. Benchmarking and trend analysis
  5. Peer comparisons
  6. SWOT Analysis


Financial analysis is an aspect of the overall business finance function that involves examining historical data to gain information about the current and future financial health of a company. Financial analysis can be applied in a wide variety of situations to give business managers the information they need to make critical decisions. The ability to understand financial data is essential for any business manager. Finance is the language of business. We have experts to help you out on this critical job with:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Rolling forecasts and analysis
  3. Process documentation/ improvement


if you would like to get in touch and find out a little bit more about this service and what is available to you

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