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Coaching Support Group – Bulgaria – Sofia

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Sofia Coaching Support Group was established in February 2014 and for the last 3 years has hosted more than 30 highly successful monthly meetings. Our full-room- events became the pulse of the coaching community in Bulgaria’s capital. The team of officers are exceptional and positive people, who organize the meetings with ease and fun in a very professional manner.

Sofia Coaching Support Group’s speakers are among the most popular professionals in the field of business and personal development. Some of the discussed topics were: coaching, design thinking, innovation, multicultural differences, business etiquette, innovations, social media communications, talents management, psychology and more.

We meet every first Wednesday of the month. If you happen to be in Sofia, come and meet our wonderful team and friends of coaching from Bulgaria. To see more about our events follow us on Facebook. To join the Sofia Coaching Support Group, please contact Ivanina.