The Global Coaching Support Group hosts a monthly webinar. The webinars are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5-6pm and members have access to the recording for 14 days after the webinar. Follow the links below for details.


30 January 2017The Passion Test as a Coaching Tool for Business and Life with Karin Lubin
2 February 2017Publicity, Referrals and Networking with Jill Lublin
1 March 2017 –  Social Media with Jill Douka
12 April 2017LinkedIn with Christine Hueber
9 May 2017Coach Client Supervision with David Clutterbuck
June – December 2017details coming soon


17 February 2016Enlightened Teams and Leadership with Karin Lubin.
16 March 2016Leadership Conversations that matter; drawing on leader perspectives during challenging times with Tanya Southworth.
20 April 2016Transform your marketing message from meh to magnificent to attract better clients now! with Nancy Juetten.
18 May 2016The Art of Asking: how to ask for what you want and get it! with Alice Crawley.
15 June 2016Global Leadership Coaching with Carolyn Feuille.
29 June 2016Social media and reputation marketing with Lesley Morrissey (Bonus Webinar )
20 July 2016“My Genes Don’t Fit” with Val Prahl.
17 August 2016How to build culture in an organisation, attract superstars, reduce staff turnover and get rid of politics with Ben Drury.
21 September 2016Win business clients by playing to your strengths as a coach with Kevin Oubridge.
19 October 2016Publicity, referrals and networking with Jill Lublin
16 November 2016Creating Sustainable Change.
7 December 2016Unleash Your Visibility Ninja! Get Connected, Visible & Profitable with Ruby McGuire


20 May 2015Purpose – What is it? And how do you find it? with Jessica McGregor Johnson
16 July 2015Beliefs and Self-Sabotage with Di McLanachan
19 August 2015Finding Balance – Sharon Smith in conversation with Linda Claire Puig
16 September 2015From Burnout to Brilliance with Susan Treadgold
14 October 20153 Things You Must Do In Order to Become an Authority in Your Field with Teresa de Grosbois (BONUS WEBINAR)
21 October 2015States of Mind in Strategic Coaching with David Krueger
9 November 2015 A Passionate Life and Making a Difference with Conference 2016 Key Note Speaker, Janet Bray Attwood – contact – BE INSPIRED!
18 November 2015Coaching in the Workplace with Sue Mellor
9 December 2015How to Create Miraculous Success in 2016! with Debra Poneman. – BE INSPIRED!