“One of the best things you can do as a coach is get your name out there through the power of journalism and publishing. People are more likely to use your services if you are visible in the ever-increasing tide of newly qualified coaches. Writing thought-provoking and intelligent articles and entries is a sure-fire way to showcase your levels of knowledge in your respective field.

Noble Manhattan has a number of outlets for you to get your name (and word!) out there;”

The International Coaching News

Improve yourself with The International Coaching News

The International Coaching News is the worlds’ largest and most reliable source of all things coaching, personal and professional development. Every three months, the ICN publishes a new issue, full of the latest news and stories within the industry. Each issue is free to read (both online and offline).

Market yourself with The International Coaching News

The International Coaching News are always looking for new journalists and contributors, so why not get yourself seen on one of the most prestigious online magazines in the world? For more information on submitting articles, get in touch with their editor – Lovelia Caracut, Editor@international-coaching-news.net

Coaching Blog

Improve yourself with the Coaching Blog

Being rated as one of the top 20 coaching/leadership blogs in the world is no mean feat! There are millions of blogs dedicated to coaching and leadership in the world – a quick Google search will show you this. What makes The Coaching Blog different is we only accept only the best, and most credible blog posts.

Market yourself with the Coaching Blog

The Coaching Blog are always looking for new perspectives, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to submit a world-class entry, get in touch – info@noble-manhattan.com”

Ebooks for Coaches

Improve yourself with Ebooks for Coaches

Looking to read-up on a certain topic? Or simply looking for your next bedtime reading material? Either way, Ebooks for Coaches is full of coaching, business and personal and professional wellness literature. Have a browse and be surprised by our selection, you’ll be spoilt for choice! A lot of titles are completely free to download, others are at a very reasonable rate.

Market yourself with Ebooks for Coaches

Already published an E-book of your own? Want to spread the word with minimal effort? Ebooks for Coaches may just be the best solution for you. Ebooks for coaches is the go-to coaching ebook provider. For as little as £30+VAT per year you are able to upload up to 5 eBooks and we will market them for you! For more information, please contact info@ebooksforcoaches.com”

“Standing out above the crowd and being visible in this ever-increasing industry can be hard, which is why you should make your name as visible as you possibly can. Submitting a listing on a coaching directory is one of the easiest, and cost-efficient forms of marketing out there.”

Coach Finder

Coach Finder is one of the most user friendly directories out there. It is also one of the cheapest. For as little as £0 a month (yes you read that right!), you can get yourself listed and placed in front of potential clients. You also have the option to stand out above the crowd with an enhanced listing for just £2+VAT a month (you wouldn’t think twice about paying this for a cup of coffee!) For more information, get in touch – registrar@coach-finder.com

“As time goes by, people are looking for new ways to showcase their talents and abilities. One of the toughest (but most effective!) ways of doing this is through podcasting. There are a number of large podcasting sites out there, such a iTunes and Stitcher, but these are very saturated markets, and as you work in quite a niche market, ensuring you will be heard by the right people is tough. This is why Noble Manhattan created Coach Radio International. After many years of building contacts within the coaching and personal development industry, we are able to put you in front of the most relevant, and responsive listeners.”

Coach Radio International

Improve yourself with Coach Radio International

Coach Radio International is home to a number of experts in their field. Tune in (for free!) as a power listener and listen to live streaming podcasts, or catch up with previously aired shows.

Market yourself with Coach Radio International

Coach Radio International is the world’s largest online radio platform for the coaching, personal and professional development world. Is it a unique and fun marketing opportunity which gives you the opportunity to create and record your very own radio show with content that meets your speciality. You may create a show that is just you, talking on your subject matter, or you may conduct an interview with an expert in your area of speciality. With a listener base of over 20,000 people worldwide (and growing!). Coach Radio International gived you the tools you need to start creating exciting and informative shows. For more information, get in touch – info@coachradiointernational.com