Copywriting is now, more than ever, an absolute essential to the survival of your business. Your website and your brand will rise or fall depending on the quality of your copy, and securing a skilled copywriter is, these days, mandatory.

The new Google and Facebook algorithms require quality content over quantity content in order to rank higher in their search engines, so now more than ever is the time to have on hand a copywriter who can navigate these changes and propagate your business.

We have procured exclusively a copywriter who offers the following services, which are invaluable in today’s online marketing world:

Website copy – If your business struggles with the ability to efficiently and engagingly explain what it does, how it does, why it does, and what that means for the end customer, then you are up you-know-what creek. Our recommended copywriter will take your story and sell it to the world in a way that will have the world beating down your door.

Social media content – No online business can survive in today’s digital world without a strong social media presence. An active social media presence not only humanises your business, it also gives potential customers an avenue in which to easily reach out and connect with you, and you with them. No need to wonder if you’re “doing it right,” because she already knows how.

Blog content – In order to relate to the audience and potential customers, it is essential that you promote valuable content on your blog. Valuable content multiplies your audience and increases their loyalty. She can help you with that.

Press releases – How can you get customers if they don’t know you exist? Press releases are essential to broadcast your business to an audience that otherwise may never stumble upon your services.

SEO copywriting/link building services – With new algorithm changes come new ways of distributing content. Our recommended copywriter is well up on all things Google, and will dust your content with expert search engine optimisation so that your business ranks as close to the first page as possible.

White paper copy – White paper copy is akin to a sales page, but it uses strategic logic and facts to educate the potential customer. Our copywriter is skilled in producing short-form and long-form white paper copy, be it persuasive, educational, or a manifesto that spotlights the core values of your mission.

Ghostwriting – To be an effective ghostwriter, you must be a chameleon; able to adapt to any environment and change your colours in order to blend in. Our recommended copywriter is just that; a chameleon, and is highly experienced in creating content for a whole spectrum of voices.

Email marketing content – Once you get a potential client’s email address, what then? Our copywriter knows how to keep your business in your client’s inboxes with entertaining, educational, and engaging content that will hold off even the pickiest from clicking “unsubscribe.”

Sales funnels – Like the Pied Piper, Emma has the musical gift of singing just the right notes in order to lead your potential clients down the right path. Once you know how to talk to the customer, the rest is cake.

So let us make everything cake for you, and take the guesswork out of copywriting. Emma knows what to do, and she’s ready to do it for you.


About Emma:

Originally from the west of Ireland, Emma has been doing freelancing copywriting work for almost 3 years now. She has a background in Childcare Education and has always had a passion for writing.

In July 2013, Emma quit her job in Childcare to pursue a journey of self-discovery and live out her dream of travelling the world.

She has since travelled to 45 countries and because she has carved out a path that allows her to explore more of the world whilst writing content for a wide range of different clients, she hasn’t looked back.

For more information about Emma, or to discuss how she can help you to better your business, you can contact her via her website or by emailing her directly at